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    New Zealand Air Quality Consultancy

    NZ Air quality consultants, Christchurch

    NZ Air is an air quality consultancy specializing in expert evidence, air discharge consent applications, odour assessments, nuisance dust assessments, air quality monitoring and air dispersion modelling.


Expert Evidence

  • Industry - Undertaking an assessment of environmental effects from a proposed activity and presenting expert evidence in support of air discharge consent applications.  
  • Regional/District councils - Independent air quality expert available to support reporting officers in writing the Section 42a report and attend resource consent hearings on behalf of regional or district councils.
  • Submitters – Critically review air discharge consent applications and provide expert evidence for submitters opposing notified air discharge consent applications.

Air Discharge Consent Application

All types of air dispersion modelling using the following models: Advice on which regional plan/district plan objectives, policies and rules apply to your proposed activity.

  • Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) for your proposed air discharges.
  • Prepare and lodge application for an air discharge consent.
  • Assistance in liaising with potentially affected parties and regional/district councils.
  • Prepare assessment and application for renewal of an air discharge consent.

Air Dispersion Modelling

All types of air dispersion modelling using the following models:

  • TAPM
  • AUSplume

Air Quality Monitoring

  • TSP, PM10 and PM2.5 ambient monitoring.
  • Odour samples.
  • Ambient monitoring for products of combustion (NO2, CO, SO2, etc).
  • Workplace exposure monitoring.

Odour and Dust Assessments

  • Odour assessments from chicken farms, piggeries, waste water treatment plants, abattoirs, food preparation/cooking, etc.
  • Odour and dust management plans.
  • Nuisance dust assessments from land developments, quarries, milling operations, fertiliser plants, etc.

NZ Air is an air quality consultancy specializing in

Expert evidence
Air discharge consent applications
Odour assessments
Nuisance dust assessments
Air quality monitoring
Dispersion modelling

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